PROS Profit Enhancement and Inventory Manager Tool®

PROS Profit Enhancement and Inventory Manager Tool® software is easier and faster to use than ever, with all the same cost recovery benefits:

  • Details all products on each repair order, including non-Kent items
  • Barcode printing and scanning makes tracking parts fast and easy
  • Creates supplemental, customizable invoices using your repair order numbers

PROS Profit Enhancement and Inventory Manager Tool® earns you money by enabling you to charge for consumable repair products. PROS creates invoices, tracks jobs and integrates with CCC® Repair Workflow for faster entry, improved accuracy and reduced cycle time. Plus, easily track inventory levels and valuations with the PROS Inventory Management feature.

“The program’s versatility allows us to properly charge for our needed supplies, while accurately generating invoices directly to our estimators,” said Alpine CARSTAR Auto Body owner Gary Boesel. “With such a large number of products offered by Kent, the PROS system helps us maintain profitability with those products and eliminates pricing questions.”

“Through customized inventory management, advisory services, high-performance products, and the PROS platform, Kent Automotive reps continuously show owners and GMs how they can increase their profitability, which is especially critical in today’s environment,” said Matthew Brown, Senior Vice President, Sales, Lawson Products.

Now more than ever you can count on Kent Automotive to drive your productivity, your processes and your bottom line. We’re Your Partner in Profitability™.

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Download the PROS Profit Enhancement Tool® mobile app for your Apple® or Android™ device.