PROS Profit Enhancement Tool®

PROS Profit Enhancement Tool® software is easier and faster to use than ever, with all the same cost recovery benefits:

  • Details all products on each repair order
  • Integrates with top estimating programs (learn about CCC ONE®)
  • Barcode priniting and scanning makes tracking parts fast and easy
  • Creates supplemental, customizable invoices
  • Manage and track inventory from the distribution center to delivery

Introducing the PROS Profit Enhancement Tool® mobile app. The mobile app allows users to create complete and accurate invoices directly from their mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. The PROS cost recovery tool improves repair workflow efficiency by tracking and costing all consumable products used on a repair. The app allows technicians to scan product bar codes with their phones, which automatically enters the items in an invoice. The PROS Profit Enhancement Tool® dynamic database of thousands of repair supplies ensures more accurate, detailed job costing and a more complete accounting of the materials used in repair processes.

“Functionality and ease of use are central to Kent’s PROS mobile app,” said Matt Brown, Senior Vice President, Sales, Lawson Products. “This will further productivity gains for technicians using PROS. Speeding the repair time cycle is a critical competitive advantage for collision centers looking to improve the customer experience.”

Now more than ever you can count on Kent Automotive to drive your productivity, your processes and your bottom line. We’re Your Partner in Profitability™.

To learn more contact your Kent Automotive or CCC ONE® Representative or call 1.888.YES.KENT

Download the PROS Profit Enhancement Tool® mobile app for your Apple® or Android™ device.