West Coast Fasteners is now Kent Automotive

Kent Automotive, a brand of Lawson Products Inc., has over 70 years of experience as a distributor of automotive service and repair products in North America. In addition to offering approximately 300,000 products, Kent provides inventory management services and other business enhancement tools our customers rely on to optimize their daily operations.

Begin to take advantage of all the benefits Kent Automotive has to offer:

  • Access to approx. 300,000 products
  •     – All the products you currently use and much more

        – Your single source supplier

  • More ways to order
  •     – On-site through your rep

        – On the phone with Customer Service

        – Online at kent-automotive.ca

  • Complementary product usage and safety training
  • Continued inventory management services
  • Special offers and new products
  • As WCF integrates with Kent Automotive, our top priority is to continue providing you with the products you use and service you trust. We are working to ensure your full satisfaction and uninterrupted business operation during this transition.

    Questions? Contact Kent Automotive/Lawson Products at 800.563.5717.

    Learn more about Kent Automotive Your Partner in Profitability.