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Welding & Metal Repair Solutions

Welding maintenance requires superior supplies for solid repairs. Lawson's Cronatron™ and Certanium® products meet or exceed all AWS requirements. They are formulated to provide superior fluxing to reduce inclusions and porosity. They also have better mechanical properties for greater elongation and tensile strength. All of this gives you an advantage when you make welding maintenance repairs.


Maintenance Welding

Cronatron™ — A better weld, no matter what

  • For critical maintenance applications and harsh environments
  • Performs flawlessly on dirty, grimy or unknown metals
  • Resists moisture – cleans as it welds
  • Weld in any position; no equipment disassembly required

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Top Cronatron™ Alloys

Carbon Steel
338 – Easy to use in all positions
311, 315, 375 – Top performance in low hydrogen applications

Stainless Steel
3881 – For use on most 300 Series stainless steels in all positions

510 – Used for most aluminum alloys. Available in Stick, MIG and TIG

Cast Iron
211 – Highly crack-resistant for tough cast iron repairs

333 – Joins all steels with high strength and excellent crack resistance

7355 – Chrome carbide for extreme abrasion

Tool Steels
345 – For use on almost all tool steels



General Welding

Certanium® — Solid Performance at a great price

  • Best for clean environments and most welding applications
  • More than 90 new products to choose from
  • Organized under AWS classifications

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Top Certanium® Alloys

Carbon Steel
701 – High-strength all-position electrode
AWS Alloys: E6010, E6011, E6013, E7018, ER70S-6, E71T-11

Stainless Steel
AWS Alloys: E/ER308L, E/ER309L, E/ER316L

AWS Alloys: E/ER4043, E/ER5356

Cast Iron
889SP – Stick electrode will not overheat during repairs

707 – Joins all steels with high strength and excellent crack resistance

Welding Process Products and Accessories

Chemicals, regulators, torches, clamps, tools, cable, MIG and TIG consumables and items for welding safety, including helmets, gloves, flame-resistant outerwear, blankets and screens.


Engineering and Technical Expertise at Your Fingertips

Our in-house engineering and technical team has the experience and expertise to understand your welding maintenance challenges. The team is available by phone when you need assistance with product selection for an application, or to suggest the best welding procedures to solve your problem.

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